3 things to do if you are caught in the Ofuro (Bathtub) during an earthquake


This is what an ofuro (Japanese bathing room) looks like

I’ve already been caught three times this month in a semi-big earthquake (aftershocks of 3.11 in Japan) while in the Ofuro, or Japanese bathtub, so I’ve decided to research a little and write about what to do in such a nude situation.

Info from:Manual for disasters of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency

1. Guard your head and wait for the shaking to stop

The size of the bathing rooms in Japan are quite small, meaning that you are surrounded by 4 walls that are close to each other which can protect you, and that there are no big object that can fall on you. It is one of the safest rooms in your house or apartment. That is why you should wait for the quake to calm down (and calm yourself) first.

Guard your head with the ofuro cover (something like this) , and also open the door of the bathtub slightly to impede it from getting locked in.

It is slippery so bend down when you are guarding yourself. That said, be careful also of mirros, shavers, shaving cream bottle and other objects that you may have in your bathing room.

2. Turn off the Oidaki (automatic ofuro heater) and save the bath water

When you get out of the ofuro (bath tub), turn off the ofuro heater/water purifier and switch off the gas to avoind any house fire.

It is possible that there could be a shortage of water, so don’t throw away the water in the bathtub. You could use that water for things like flushing your toilet, wash our clothe and drink it in the worst scenario.

3. In the worst case, you can always put your clothe on LATER

ofuroYou are obviously naked getting out of the ofuro, but on a big earthquake, the most important thing to do is to evacuate. It would be horrible and critical if a second big aftershock comes at you when you are putting on your clothe.

When it is an emergency, wrap a towel around your body, grab some clothe, and go outside. When things calm down you can always put your clothe on later. Just remember to wear some good sneakers on.

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