the iPad2 smart cover is a Japanese Ofuro (hot tub) cover!


Yes the iPad2 was recently unveiled and with it came this new innovative “smart cover” that protects the front face and serves as an on-and-off switch for it.

“Wow!” says the public around the world,

but in Japan, we say “huh? this seems quite familiar…”

Guess what the iPad2 smart cover is similar to in Japan.



This is a typical Japanese “ofuro” or bathtub where we use a cover like this one to keep the water warm while we prepare to bath in it. In Japan, you first bathe yourself before enjoying a quiet time on the hot water so hence the need for this cover.

the iPad2 smart cover comes in multicolors!



Well, so do the Ofuro covers


So, I think the creative guy behind the ipad, Jony Ive had spent quite some time in Japan and had this idea while enjoying a typical japanese bath in one of his friend’s house.



Hat’s off for this great idea, but maybe the name should be iPad Ofuro Cover rather than just boring Smart Cover.

If you are in Japan fancying your new iPad2 with the smart cover, and someone smirks at you, now you know that person is imagining you have a portable bathtub in your hands. スマイル

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