24 photos for a heart

Saw this photo on the internet and thought I should give it a try.

step1. take 24 photos of you,  16 photos will be the frame of the heart so just pose similarly as I did.

step 2. Crop each photo into a square, where most of your upper body and hands appear.

step3. Bring all the photos to a canvas in Photoshop, and then just build it as if it were a puzzle.

It’s a very easy effect which I think have many many uses.

Next try will be to make alphabet letters (or even Kanji!) with them.


I opened my facebook last week to find a very happy post on my profile. It was my great Aussie friend Beth, who used this idea and made it into something more magical and inspiring. Here’s the video!

It’s a project for MarshART done in West Kimberley, Australia:  A big Heart for MarshART


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