Tombo – Dragonfly

Today, a dragonfly paid us visit to our office in Shibuya. In Japan, when summer ends and autumn starts to lower the temperature, these mystical four-winged creatures appear and make the Japanese man feel the coming of fall.

Normally you see these insects near ponds and when it’s sunny, but today there was a lot of rain. This little red dragon had come to dry his wings and wait for the storm to end on our 6th floor veranda.

After living six years in Japan and being part Japanese, I too feel that autumn is here when I see an Aka tombo.

I love the way they fly. They way they do it is so different from other insects. The precision, balance and speed that they have in the air makes me think of a fighter pilot/helicopter hybrid.

When I was in a Japanese school, catching one of these made you the coolest guy in class.

Today, taking closeup pictures of it gives you the same effect on flickr.

hoping to see more red dragons tomorrow.

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