Starting a new web portal + personal blog

an image of how I feel right now. lol


Finally one of my dreams is coming true!

Igor and I have been working on this new website called which will become the world’s first web portal for young nikkei (people related to Japan) leaders.

Anybody who is interested, related, connected, identified, with the Japanese culture can register and join on and start their own website or blog.

Our idea is to make more and more people interact and share their information online so the virtual side of the Nikkei Youth Network starts growing.  I have moved all my articles from my last website in and this would be my first article on it!

I hope people like the idea and start making their own sites. For that I am going to start writing more frivolously about what I do and the experiences I have in Japan as an organization director, tv commentator, and as a people obeserver. hehe


Akira Uchimura

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