Yokohama Bay is also beautiful at night

(Japan!, English)

A lot of people whine about how winter is cold, sad, and depressing.
I agree with the cold but if you look at the right places, winter can be great.
The low temperature and clear sky gives this beautiful effect on the night scenery of Minatomirai in Yokohama, Japan.


The skyscraper in the middle is called Landmark Tower, a 60+ story building with the fastest elevator in Japan.
It has a marvelous view at the top floor but they charge you 1000 to do so.
I prefer going one floor higher to the panoramic restaurant and have a beer and snacks for 1500 yen. :p

If you want to take a picture in this same spot, get off at the Bashamichi station on te Minatomirai Line and wait for the right moment with another 30 Japanese enjoying the view. 🙂

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