Best Free WordPress Themes that I have found

As you can see, It took me a while to get to the design I am using right now.

I guess this The Original Premium News
is the best fir me but didn’t want to depreciate the other themes that I also liked so much.

I have chosen with the next criterias:

  1. Usability
  2. Coolness
  3. Easy to Modify?
  4. Widget friendliness

Here they are!

  1. The Original Premium News! (Woo Themes)

  2. Typebased (also by Woo themes)

  1. Zinmag Redux

  1. Infinity
    This themes is still very buggy and not easy to install, but once they update it
    to the final version, it could be the best one. J

  2. Futura
    Rotating posts!

  3. Mimbo 2.2
    Once you get used to putting “featured” photos, then you’ll like it a lot.

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